Eye Light


This 2-step procedure combines BroadBand Light (BBL) with mesotherapy (LightEyes Ultra) to gently lift while improving the texture and contour of the delicate eye area for a complete result. EYELIGHT is a well-balanced eye rejuvenation treatment that includes visibly brighter, firmer, and refreshed eyes with improved skin texture and elasticity.


Prior to treatment a Visia facial analysis is performed followed by topical anaesthetic cream for 15-30 minutes. Topical anaesthetic is removed, protective eye shields are placed and BBL treatment commences. Light Eyes Ultra is then injected to help improve texture and brighten skin.


Skin tone will appear more even with visibly improved texture, elasticity and pigmentation. Light Eyes Ultra mesotherapy helps to brighten, firm, and refresh the area around the eyes. It also functions to reduce puffiness and swelling in the upper and lower eyelids.

Pain:Mild to moderate (topical anaesthetic is applied for 30 minutes prior to treatment)
Social Downtime:24-48 Hours
Results:3-6 days with results lasting months
Treats:Pigmentation, Melasma, Sun damage, Enlarged pores, Uneven texture, Elasticity

Prices from £1000

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As a leading Oculoplastic Surgeon with special interest in Facial Aesthetics, Dr. Maryam Zamani has garnered a global reputation - both in the US and UK - for her meticulous attention to detail and sought-after techniques for eyes and facial aesthetics.

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