Tri-Brow Lift (non surgical)


The Tri-Brow Lift triple-action treatment combats the three major signs of ageing – sagging, loss of definition and uneven skin tone – by lifting the brow, increasing volume around the brow and temple and treating blue veins around the eyes and temples to achieve a refreshed, rested and lifted brow without surgery.

ULTHERAPY to the brow stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to give an instant tightening and lift that will continue to improve over three to six months.

Nd:YAG laser is then used to treat prominent blue veins around the eyes and temples to improve discoloration around the eyes.

NEUROTOXIN is used to lift the lateral brow, preventing the arch of the brow from becoming flat or horizontal with the ageing process.

HYALURONIC ACID improves volume loss, lifting the area and increasing the appearance of soft tissue fullness


Tribrow Lift combines three proven treatments which take place over two appointments and a further follow-up appointment for injectables, recommended two weeks later.

The first appointment includes Ultherapy which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, using precise ultrasound energy to target the deep structural layers of the skin and stimulate the body’s tissue repair process. The treatment will give an instant lift, but the final results continue to get better over three to six months as the new collagen and elastin replaces the old tissue, resulting in a gradual lifting and tightening effect.  The Nd:YAG laser is then used to treat prominent blue veins around the eyes and temple. The treatment works by emitting short, high-intensity pulses of energy at a specific wavelength; the vessels will disappear and the darkness around the eyes will improve.

The second appointment takes place after two weeks. Micro-injections of Botox are done to lift the lateral brow, improving the arch of the brow that can become flat or horizontal during the ageing process. To improve the volume loss, lift the area and increase the appearance of the soft, tissue fullness of a youthful brow, hyaluronic acid is used to the area just beneath the brows. Treatment to the temples can also be preformed if there is significant volume loss, providing balance to the face and decreasing the ‘hollow’ appearance.


The combined effects of Tribrow Lift give a gradual improvement that will be at its best three months after the initial treatment, resulting in a beautiful natural and youthful brow and a refreshed appearance that lasts for up to a year. It won’t give the drastic results of a surgical brow lift, but a more natural and elegant, rested look. It creates a new baseline from which the patient begins to age, the ultimate anti-ageing treatment ideal.

Pain:Mild to moderate (topical numbing cream is used before treatment)
Social Downtime:24 hours (potential for bruising)
Results:Are seen in 1-3 weeks and will continue to improve for 6 months
Treats:Ageing eyes, hallow eyes, sagging eyes, tired-looking eyes and uneven skin around the eyes

TRI BROW LIFT from £2500

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