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Eyelid Ptosis Repair

Eyelid ptosis repair is a surgical procedure to improve the position of the upper eyelid. A lower sitting eyelid can make the eye appear smaller and can be seen on one or both eyelids. Vision can be affected if the eyelid is low enough to block the pupil of the eye. If the pupil of the eye is blocked by the low eyelid, some patients complain of neck ache as they lift their chins to compensate the droopiness.


Ptosis repair is a short surgical procedure done using a local anaesthetic.  The surgery is less than one hour and can be combined with other surgical and non surgical procedures.  Small sutures are used to help elevate the muscle internally that remain.


Ptosis repair improves the height of the upper eyelid and create a more harmonous and balanced upper eyelid.

Social Downtime:1 week
Results:Are seen within 1 month with continued improvement
Treats:Ageing eyes, hooded eyelids, eyelid ptosis, heavy eyelid

Ptosis Repair price - £9800

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