Cryotherapy is the application of liquid nitrogen to remove surface skin lesions such as warts (verrucas), benign (non-cancerous) lesions and areas of sun-damaged skin found predominately on sun-exposed parts of the face, chest, hands and body (keratoses).

During the treatment, the area being treated may sting and possibly itch. Expect treated area to darken or potentially blister for 7-14 days. For best results, one to three sessions for benign (non-cancerous) lesions and four to six sessions for verrucas are recommended.  Intense sun exposure should be avoided one month prior and following treatment.


During treatment expect the area being treated to sting and possibly itch. Immediately after treatment the area will be slightly red, sore and a little swollen. The next day a blister or blood blister will form and within seven days the surface will become dark red and brown and scab like. It takes about one to three weeks for the scab to fall off, which is when the new layer of skin has formed under the blister. Areas of thinner skin, such as the face, may heal a little faster.


This safe, non invasive therapy method is a fast way to tackle superficial skin lesions with minimal downtime or discomfort. 1-3 sessions is recommended.

Social Downtime:None but lesions become darker
Results:Within 1-3 weeks

Cryotherapy from £100

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