Morpheus8 is an FDA approved subepidermal adipose remodelling device (SARD) that combines micro-needling with directional radiofrequency to tighten, contour and lift the face and body.  Safe for all skin types, Morpheus8 sculpts and remodels subcutaneous fat and tissue, stimulates collagen production and induces skin rejuvenation.

Typical areas to be treated include the face, neck, under upper arms, post-surgical or postnatal abdomen or thighs. Skin tightening treatments can be used to tackle a number of frustrating skin problems such as reducing the appearance of stretch marks and loose and sagging skin.  Results continue to improve up to six months and can be amplified with PRP, fillers, neurotoxin, peels, lasers, and light treatments. Intense sun exposure should be avoided one month following treatment.


The treatment takes 20-60 minutes depending on the area being treatment. Topical anaesthetic will be placed on the face 20-30 minutes before the treatment to maximize comfort. During the course of the treatment, you will experience brief, deep heat sensation with prickling from the needling.

After treatment, there is local skin redness (erythema), swelling (edema), and the sensation of heat that can last anywhere from 1-7 days. It is normal to have tiny pinpoint scabs appear that can be masked 24 hours after treatment with make up. Visible results can be achieved 4-14 days post treatment.


One of the main benefits of Morpheus 8 is that it is a new subdermal adipose remodelling device that fractionally remodels the face and body to treat loose, wrinkled skin anywhere on the body with minimal downtime. Typical areas to be treated include the face, neck, under upper arms, post-surgical or postnatal abdomen or thighs. Skin tightening treatments can be used to tackle a number of frustrating skin problems for example reducing the appearance of stretch marks, lose skin and sagging skin. Results continue to improve up to six months as new collagen develops. This treatment can also be combined with PRP, fillers, Botox, peels, lasers, and light treatments.

Pain:Moderate (topical numbing cream is applied prior to treatment)
Social Downtime:3-7 days (local skin redness, swelling, pinpoint scabs can appear)
Results:Results are seen in 1-2 weeks with continued improvement for 3-6 months
Recommended Course:1-3 treatments, 3-5 weeks apart
Treats:Loose skin around the eyes, face, neck, decolletage and body as well as acne scarring, festoons, uneven skin texture, and fine lines & wrinkles

MORPHEUS8 £2000 (face), £2400 (face and neck), £2000 (chest)

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“I have been a patient of Dr Maryam Zamani for 3 years. She was recommended to me by my daughter – who always knows who is the best to call. I am of an age that I have worked with a number of professionals in the field of Aesthetics and have not encountered anyone coming close to Dr Zamani– to such an extent that with considerable trepidation I even arranged treatment for my husband – please don’t tell him I have told you! Dr Zamani and her team are quite exceptional – there is no overselling the treatment or products or underestimating discomfort – she and her team deliver on what they say. This is exceptional in the profession. Dr Zamani and her team have treated me for sagging on my face and my neck. I do not wish to have surgery however I do want to look as good as I can. I have had both Ultherapy and Morpheus8. I am very pleased with the results and when the time comes to repeat the procedures I will do so with Dr Zamani again. Dr Zamani is highly professional, has a wonderful bedside manner and will dissuade you from treatment, if that is her considered view, despite giving up profit to do so. She addresses the patients real, rather than perceived needs. I could not recommend her more highly for this important award.” – CG

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As a leading Oculoplastic Surgeon with special interest in Facial Aesthetics, Dr. Maryam Zamani has garnered a global reputation - both in the US and UK - for her meticulous attention to detail and sought-after techniques for eyes and facial aesthetics.

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