Covid guidelines

Your safety is our priority. We are open as normal, with enhanced protective measures in place to protect you.

All of our services will be delivered in line with the UK government’s social distancing measures and fully compliant with all PPE guidance from Public Health England and NHS England. To find out more about our ‘Zero-Transmission’ approach, please click here.

Visiting the Clinic in 2021- What to Expect

We are working hard to remain a COVID- secure Hospital and ask for your cooperation with our ‘Zero-Transmission’ Clinic guidelines. Please see our enhanced protocols below:
  • BEFORE admission to the Clinic you will be asked to confirm you have been symptom – free for a minimum of 7 days and provide Informed Consent that you understand the risks of visiting the Clinic, however minimal they may be.
  • TRAVEL please only travel to the Clinic by foot, bicycle or car. Please do not use public transport.
  • ON ARRIVAL at the Clinic you will be screened for symptoms and your temperature will be taken. You must arrive no earlier than 5 MINUTES before your scheduled appointment, and must not bring a companion unless previously agreed with our staff.
  • You may be asked to WAIT OUTSIDE to maintain distancing protocols, or will be given a seat in our SOCIALLY DISTANCED waiting rooms.
  • You will also be provided with PPE on entering the Clinic (inc. surgical mask) – please ensure you wear it at all times in the Clinic to keep yourself and our staff safe.
  • We will be providing PCR TESTING and LATERAL FLOW TESTING for certain appointments, in line with guidance from NHS England.
  • Please be assured that the Clinic is subject to the strictest INFECTION CONTROL protocols and is deep cleaned thoroughly by professional hospital cleaners each night.
  • Please be assured that our STAFF AND CONSULTANTS are subject to regular testing, and wear PPE to beyond the standards recommended by Public Health England.

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