VI Peel Precision Plus

VI PEEL PRECISION PLUS is a highly effective medical peel formulated to reduce pigmentation from sun damage, melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation while improving skin texture. Safe for all skin types, VI Peel Precision Plus is a medium strength peel that helps suppress pigment formation, promotes rapid cell turnover and diminishes pigmentation to reveal healthy, even skin.


Before treatment the face will be cleansed and prepped. A chemical solution is applied to the skin in a layered fashion. Four hours later, a strict after care protocol muse be used. Avoid picking, rubbing or scratching of the skin. Repeat and maintenance therapy is needed.


VI  Peel Precision Plus can be used to effectively treat skin pigmentation, particularly melasma, an especially stubborn pigmentary condition.

Pain:None to mild
Social Downtime:5-10 days depending on the layering of the peel
Results:Results are seen in 1-2 weeks and will continue to improve over 3 months
Recommended Course:2-4 treatments
Treats:hyperpigmentation, melasma, age spots, sun damage

VI PEEL PRECISION PLUS £900 (Includes post treatment protocols and visits)

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