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Filter Free Skin

Filter Free Skin is the perfect combination of BBL, HALO and skin boosters to the face and periorbital area to create even-toned skin, reduced pore size, and improve skin texture.


2-3 BBL treatments will be done in 3-4 week intervals to target redness and pigmentary concerns. Skin may appear red for a few hours after treatment. Pigmented spots will become darker for 3-7 days to then reveal more even toned skin. On the final BBL, HALO is done simultaneously. Skin will appear red, swollen and lightly sandpaper like for up to two weeks after treatment. Skin boosters are then added on the last appointment to help hydrate and boost skin from within.


Filter Free Skin improves skin tone, texture and elasticity to give radiant, even toned skin.

Pain:Mild topical anaesthetic is applied for 30 minutes prior to treatment
Social Downtime:Variable
Treats:Wrinkles, sun damage, uneven texture, skin laxity, pigmentation, skin scaring, untoned skin, dehydrated skin, dark circles

FILTER FREE SKIN from £6,600

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As a leading Oculoplastic Surgeon with special interest in Facial Aesthetics, Dr. Maryam Zamani has garnered a global reputation - both in the US and UK - for her meticulous attention to detail and sought-after techniques for eyes and facial aesthetics.

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