“My experience with Dr Zamani has been excellent. I am thrilled with the results of my lower blepharoplasty. Dr Zamani explained the procedure in depth and was highly responsive to my questions and any worries I might have. The consultation, surgery and aftercare were thorough and attentive. Having deliberated about the procedure for several years I could not be happier with my choice of surgeon and the outcome. The operation is painless and the results are outstanding, my eyes are refreshed and I no longer look permanently fatigued. I would highly recommend Dr Zamani and her team.” – ADH

“I had Blepharoplasty and CO2 laser with Maryam. From the initial consultation to the follow up post op Maryam is just so easy, practical and no nonsense. I was the ‘perfect’ candidate for the blepharoplasty with droopy lids typical of a 49 year old. Pre op I received a very helpful link for all the post products needed. The operation was quick and painless with Maryam chatting cheerfully before I went under. When I came to I only felt a hot sensation on my face as I had had the C02 laser treatment at the same time.  My eyes and stitches didn’t even bruise so much so I went out in public the next day with sunglasses on! In fact the recovery time from the blepharoplasty was literally zero. You have to put on some ointments and dab clean the eyes but there is very little aftercare and if I hadn’t had the CO2 I could have been out and about in 2/3 days. Now my eyes look big and bright but oh so subtle. Literally no one has noticed (not even my best girlfriends), that I have had them done they just say you look so pretty, you look so well, you look so young!!!  The scars are hidden in the crease and barely visible even when I look at them in the mirror.  The CO2 laser was a genius suggestion to do as I was already being operated on anyway for the blepharoplasty.  The laser has more recovery in that the skin pixelates into brown spots and then peels and you have to use a post treatment cream. Exactly as the post procedure says days 4 – 8 you look your worst then its amazing. I am so so thrilled with the results. I have lived in the sun all my life so had significant sun damage and deep lines. All of this has really visibly reduced and my skin looks so great. I am so so delighted with both results. I couldn’t recommend Maryam highly enough. Her professionalism, her wonderful office team, and lovely practices on the Kings Road for pre and post op appointments, the super slick Cadogan Clinic where the op takes place, how nice she is and truly wonderful results with seamless procedures.   I look in the mirror and don’t feel middle aged anymore approaching 50. I feel that I look young and great which is so empowering. Thank you, Maryam!” – SC


“I’ve known doctor Zamani since the beginning and she has been there for me through thin and thick. I went through a rough health period and needed to feel back to normal and myself again, and she gave me back the spark in my eyes. She is an honest soul that wouldn’t push you to do what is not needed or necessary. Her advice is always truthful , honest and genuine. I personally always and ever feel on cloud nine when I speak to her or leave the clinic with an absolutely fabulous feeling. She makes you feel good inside out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – SAK

“I have been a patient of Dr Maryam Zamani for 3 years. She was recommended to me by my daughter – who always knows who is the best to call. I am of an age that I have worked with a number of professionals in the field of Aesthetics and have not encountered anyone coming close to Dr Zamani– to such an extent that with considerable trepidation I even arranged treatment for my husband – please don’t tell him I have told you! Dr Zamani and her team are quite exceptional – there is no overselling the treatment or products or under estimating discomfort – she and her team deliver on what they say. This is exceptional in the profession. Dr Zamani and her team have treated me for sagging on my face and my neck. I do not wish to have surgery however I do want to look as good as I can. I have had both Ultherapy and Morpheus8. I am very pleased with the results and when the time comes to repeat the procedures I will do so with Dr Zamani again. Dr Zamani is highly professional, has a wonderful bedside manner and will dissuade you from treatment, if that is her considered view, despite giving up profit to do so. She addresses the patients real, rather than perceived needs. I could not recommend her more highly for this important award.” – CG

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