The Guinea Pig Podcast

Dr Maryam Zamani and ex-Vogue editor-at-Large, Fiona Golfar present The Guinea Pig podcast! Fiona and Maryam share their honest opinions and hilarious real-life experiences and give essential safety advice to those considering any kind of aesthetic procedure. For adults only, this bi-weekly podcast covers the latest aesthetic treatment reviews by the resident guinea pig, Fiona Golfar, supported by necessary medical advice and insights from Dr Maryam Zamani.

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The Guinea Pig : Episode 47

Chrissy Iley's Hollywood Goss

 | 21st May 2020

Chrissy Iley, renowned journalist, discusses the relationship Hollywood has with tweakments and ageism towards female actors.

The Guinea Pig : Episode 46

Lockdown Locks with Josh Wood

 | 14th May 2020

Top hair guru, Josh Wood is on-hand to help us keep things in tip-top order until we can get back to the hairdressers.

The Guinea Pig : Episode 45

Home Beauty Gadgets With Joanne Evans

 | 7th May 2020

Skincare specialist Joanne Evans discusses at-home lasers, LEDs, rollers and hair removal gadgets.

The Guinea Pig : Episode 44

Fiona & Maryam Spring Action

 | 30th April 2020

Maryam and Fiona share how to sharpen-up for the summer including keratosis pilaris, laser treatments and body hair.

The Guinea Pig : Episode 43

Maryam & Fi's Lockdown Looks

 | 23rd April 2020

Maryam and Fiona are unsurprisingly not in the clinic, but are speaking from home & embracing some new technology to be able to do just that.

The Guinea Pig : Episode 42

Sharmadean Reid Nails It

 | 16th April 2020

Joining Maryam & Fiona this week is the wonderful guru of all things nails, Sharmadean Reid.

The Guinea Pig : Episode 41

Lisa Armstrong & 'Clean’ Beauty

 | 9th April 2020

This week Maryam and Fiona invite a brilliant guest- fashion editor with the Telegraph, Lisa Armstrong.

The Guinea Pig : Episode 40

Thread Lifting, With Dr Penelope Tympanidis

 | 2nd April 2020

Maryam and Fiona meet with Dr Penelope Tympanidis to talk all things thread-lifting.

The Guinea Pig : Episode 39

The Fun Of Make-Up, With Celia Burton

 | 26th March 2020

Make-up artist Celia Burton dropped into the clinic with her extensive cosmetic kit and did a step-by-step make-up tutorial on Fiona's face.

The Guinea Pig : Episode 38

Katie Piper

 | 19th March 2020

Maryam and Fiona welcome a very special guest in the form of the wonderful presenter, model and campaigner, Katie Piper!

The Guinea Pig : Episode 37

Fasting with Nutritionist Kim Pearson

 | 12th March 2020

Nutritionist Kim Pearson is on-hand to talk all things fasting, intermittent fasting AND Prolon with Maryam & Fiona.

The Guinea Pig : Episode 36

After The Fat Transfer...

 | 5th March 2020

In this episode, Mayam and Fiona catch-up after a fun-packed few weeks of expert guests and different clinics.

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