Hair Loss

Alopecia is temporary or permanent hair loss that can affect the scalp, body or both.  Hair loss can be genetic or part of the normal ageing process but hair loss can also be caused by hormonal changes, medical conditions, or medications.  There are different kinds of hair loss including:

  • Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune condition where hair falls out in localized or diffuse patches.
  • Female pattern baldness can be seen in up to two thirds of women after menopause starting along the part with eventual thinning throughout.
  • Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia generally affects the frontal hair margin and is a form of idiopathic, scarring alopecia typically seen in post-menopausal women.
  • Male pattern baldness affects half of men by age of 50 and is impacted by genetics, hormones and age.
  • Telogen Effluvium is temporary hair loss where the shedding phase of the hair cycle becomes dominant and can be triggered by stress (including hormonal changes, surgery, illness) or underlying conditions.
  • Traction Alopecia is caused by constant pulling on the hair and is often associated by repetitive tight hairstyles and can be reversed if caught early.
  • Trichotillomania is known as hair-pulling disorder, pulling hair out of the scalp, eyebrow, eyelashes or other areas.


Treatments to Consider: PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma

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