Contour TRL (Tuneable Resurfacing Laser)

Multiple treatment, One device.

The Contour TRL is an Erbium Yag laser that resurfaces the skin by removing a variable depth of damaged and aging skin.

Unlike CO2 laser treatments, the Contour TRL system enables us to control the depth of the laser with micron precision. The treatment achieves a level of ablation that can address long-standing skin problems in only one or two sessions.

What to expect?

Contour TRL handpiece is a 3-treatment system, NanoLaserPeel, MicroLaserPeel and Zoom Scan.

1. NanoLaserPeel is the more precise, powerful alternative to a chemical peel. The treatment brightens the complexion, evens skin tone, and reveals a beautiful glow in just a couple of days.

2. MicroLaserPeel eliminates imperfections on the skins surface to minimize rough texture, large pores, acne, and dark spots, for healthier, more youthful, vibrant looking skin.

3. Zoom scan is your much deeper treatment reaching up to 300 microns of ablations per pass, with or without variable depth coagulation. This treatment targets the appearance of deep-set wrinkles, rough texture, scar tissue and acne scarring. Deep resurfacing is a highly effective treatment that may delay or eliminate the need for more invasive treatment in the future.

Pain:Mild to moderate (Topical anaesthetic is applied 1 hour prior to treatment)
Social Downtime:2 – 14 days
Results:2-6 weeks
Recommended Course:1-6 treatments

Contour TRL from £700

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