Belkyra is an FDA approved injectable treatment to eliminate fat cells.  Made from deoxycholic acid, Belkyra™ can be injected in the submental fat to help reduce the volume in this area.  It works by dissolving the outer covering of the fat cell, and the fat is released into the bloodstream where it is removed from the body.


Belkyra™ requires multiple injections into the fat layers under the chin to reduce the submental area  (double chin) without surgery.  The treatment takes approximately 20 minutes with minimal discomfort.  Common side effects include swelling immediately afterwards that may last for up to two weeks.  Bruising, numbness, redness, tingling or itchiness can also be experienced after treatment and resolves quickly.  Belkyra™ results are permanent barring excessive weight gain.  Multiple treatments are needed.


Belkyra is an FDA approved injectable treatment to destroy fat cells for moderate to severe double chins.  Belkyra™ will not treat large necks or jaw muscles.  Treatment can dramatically reduce submental fat and can also be used in combination with other light & laser based treatments, injectable fillers or toxins, and ultherapy.

Pain:Mild- moderate
Social Downtime:2-5 days (potential for bruising and swelling)
Results:Are generally 3 months after last injection
Recommended Course:2-6 treatments every 6-8 weeks
Treats:Double chin (not suitable for very large double chins or a lot of sagging skin)

BELKYRA™ £850 per vial (generally use 2-3 vials per session)

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