Tatler includes Dr. Maryam Zamani in their latest Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2024. Specialising in blepharoplasty and Ptosis surgery, as well as non-surgical facial tweakments, Dr. Zamani has a meticulous eye for natural results to help give confidence at every age. Read more of Dr. Zamani’s feature in Tatler below –

“Check the white coat and Chanel sling-backs. Few surgeons are as glamorous as Zamani – or have her eye for the minutiae.

‘Patients don’t always know what they need,’ she explains. ‘They just know that something bothers them; and mostly, it’s the tiny things. The textural changes in the skin, the blood vessels that start to pop through, or even pigmentation.’

Often, the solution lies in her stealthy broadband light (BBL) therapy, using a Sciton laser, which can zap surface imperfections and even treat ocular rosacea. (She’ll pop a pair of protective contact lenses on you, enabling her to treat right up to the lash line.)

However, Zamani loves nothing more than snapping on her gloves and getting down to business: ‘Between 35 and 55 years of age is the sweet spot for non-surgical enhancements. But past 40, surgery starts to work well.’ Her interventions range from tidying up drooping upper lids to addressing puffy under-eyes by repositioning fat behind the eyeball – because the orbital socket expands with age, causing the eye to sink back into the skull’. And, says one customer, ‘If I’d known, I would have done it years ago.’

Post-op, don’t leave without her new Eyeconic LED Eye Mask – a first-of-its-kind hydrocolloid patch which reduces inflammation like a dream.”

Credits: Tatler

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