Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide: Best Eyelid Surgeons in the UK

“Whether you’re seeking to smooth puffy under-eyes, or lift hooded lids, our selection of eye specialists is second to none: an array of top-tier surgeons who are renowned for their careful approach to treating the delicate eye area (and some innovative treatments). From the best eyelid surgeon in the UK, to a safe pair of hands when it comes to non-surgical eye rejuvenation, these experts take the time to listen to your concerns – before advising the best possible option. Best of all, the results are virtually undetectable: which is exactly what you want when getting your eyelids done.

Zamani is a born multitasker (when she’s not running a busy Chelsea clinic, the Oculoplastic surgeon is overseeing her MZ Skin empire, and hosting chic suppers at her South Kensington home). It’s no surprise that editors and fashion industry insiders trust her to keep them looking the part – even when they don’t feel it. ‘They all had a “lockdown meltdown”,’ says Zamani. ‘The majority of my patients felt that they aged 100 years in 2020: there was a lot of fatigue and anxiety, while Zoom meetings made the exhaustion hard to hide.’ Her eye-reviving treatments have been in demand ever since. She combines PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma: deep injections of growth factor-rich platelets, taken from your blood) with a sprinkle of Botox and topical serums to tackle visible tiredness. She also does Uvence: a new-generation treatment, where a spun-down solution of fat is injected into forlorn-looking areas of the face. ‘It’s great on the forehead, especially for those who have toxin fatigue, as well as for smoothing and brightening tear troughs.’” – Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2021

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